We are Wolfy

In the intersection between art and life there lives Wolfy. A unique point of view and an expression of what we love, what inspires us, what turns us on and what disturbs us. We celebrate men loving men, the experimental, the hairy, the vintage, the latest, the beauty in all things natural and provocative. We vow to stay true to our nature and reject it back irreverently. Welcome to our tribe. Express your inner Wolfy. 

About Wolfy

Wolfy is an unapologetic magazine for the modern gay man with an artistic vision of the world. It is based in Madrid and edited in both New York and Madrid, founded in 2016. It is wholly independent and publishes twice a year.

Wolfy Magazine is not responsible for the opinions and ideas of its contributors. The contents cannot be used or reproduced without the direct consent of Wolfy’s Magazine Direction. All rights reserved.

The team

Editor in Chief – Creative Direction 

Enrique Pastor De Luz & Ricardo Sarcos

Photography Direction: 

Ricardo Sarcos

Design & Art Direction: 



Wolfy Tribe

Social Media Director: 

Luis Martínez

Copy Editor:

Adolfo Govea

Executive Assistant: 



If you would like to join our tribe by submiting work for our next issue, please send it to submissions@wolfymag.com, All work must be unpublished including webs, social network and blogs


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Don´t be a stranger

Don’t be shy, we don’t bite. Tell us how you feel, what’s on your mind or if you have any burning questions that need answers ASAP. Write us at info@wolfymag.com