Issue 03


My soul has always loved you. Before time and space existed. Before language existed. When we were one, pulsing in the still of the night.

In a hurricane of fire we were split in two and tossed away into the infinite. Damned and doomed into a journey of a thousand good-byes. Two drops of water separated and dispersed into the universe, frozen in the cosmos, wounded and solitary for eons on end. Until the day that gravity took mercy on us and hurled us into the place where matter becomes earth.

I woke up gasping for air and didn’t see you. Only the fresh wound and the faint memory of oneness were my companions. With the new breath and the old soul, I set out to find you. I conjured all the elements so I can return to you, and started on this new path, looking for a way to be whole again.

So I can love again.